Private rented sector crucial to UK housing solution

The National Landlords Association’s annual National Conference, held in Manchester, has heard that the private rented sector will play an increasingly important role in providing housing and is becoming the tenure of choice.

Keynote speaker Terrie Alafat, Director of Housing Growth and Affordable Housing at Communities and Local Government (CLG), told the conference: “It is an exciting time for the private rented sector. Housing is definitely at the top of the Government’s agenda and the private rented sector is in the middle of all of that.

“We know that demand is continuing to grow and the sector has responded to that, expanding to house about 3.4 million households in England, which is an increase of one million since 2005.

“There is recognition about the flexibility of the sector.  It isn’t a last resort, it is actually a sector which is the choice for people who do want that flexibility, who may want to move to work.

“It provides housing for those who can’t access other forms.  We know social housing is hugely under pressure and home ownership is more and more difficult for first-time buyers.”

David Salusbury, Chairman, National Landlords Association, said: “This year’s NLA conference was another success.  It was encouraging to hear such positive comments from senior government level about the important part the private rented sector plays in the UK housing solution.

“It is vital that the UK is able to offer a diverse housing mix, and the NLA will continue to work with the Government to help provide flexible options in this time of high demand.”


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